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The Sintelix team are delighted to bring you the latest full release – Sintelix 7.0. Sintelix 7.0 is available to existing clients who have maintained a current support and maintenance agreement as well as to future customers. This release brings a number range of new features and enhancements that increases functionality and improves the Sintelix […]

Find out why important information can end up in unstructured data fields and why it’s so important for intelligence analysts to be able to find that data.

Click image above to play video The Sintelix team are delighted to bring you the latest feature enhancement release – Sintelix 6.3. Sintelix 6.3 is available to existing and prospective clients.  It provides a raft of new features that improve the intelligence analyst experience and add new capabilities. Key areas that have been enhanced include […]

See how Sintelix has partnered with STOP THE TRAFFIK (STT) to support the disruption of human trafficking.  STT is a pioneer in human trafficking prevention.

Even in our increasingly digital age handwritten information still exists and could be used as part of a criminal investigation. Handwritten information could be useful in cases of fraud, embezzlement, and counterfeiting but it could feature in any criminal investigation from murder, terrorism or assaults to abduction, drugs cases, and missing persons.

Our digital lives We live in an age of information. Our daily lives are digitized, reported and recorded more than ever before. Stop for a minute and think about all the ways in which you have digitally recorded your life already today. You might have come up with some of these: Text messages Emails Documents […]

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