Sintelix provides information fusion at many levels. Information fusion cuts down the complexity of analysis by revealing hidden structure and merging entities that refer to the same thing.

Table listing ways to fuse data using Sintelix


Entity resolution

Entity Resolution

Sintelix merges multiple references to the same entity within a document. It then merges entities across documents.

Network Formation

Sintelix allows visualises networks created by fusing the information in your data.

Network formation
Community structure analysis

Community Structure Analysis

Sintelix discovers the community structure within the network. In the example below, the graph shows some of the overlapping members of Vladimir Putin’s and Yevgeni Prigozhin’s communities. Community structure gives insight into the relationships and the flow of influence within a group of people.

Topic Discovery & Network Summarisation

Sintelix can summarise any entity network automatically. It discovers a network of key phrases and topics, which summarises the input data. The discovered topics are linked to entities in the underlying network.

Topic Discovery and Network Summarisation with Sintelix

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