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General Questions

What is Sintelix Online?

Sintelix Online is a means by which you can purchase Sintelix solutions via our online portal. Solutions can be either hosted in a Sintelix Online cloud environment or downloaded for local installation “On Premise”.

The Sintelix Online portal provides a secure environment where you can access and manage your Sintelix accounts, billing, and payments.

Where do I go to sign up for Sintelix Online?

Visit our pricing page and click Get Started  –

How can I access Sintelix Online?

Once you have a Sintelix Online account, you can access the portal directly via this link –

Online instances of Sintelix are hosted in a Sintelix Online cloud environment and connection details are available within your dashboard in the Sintelix Online portal.

What is an Instance?

Within Sintelix Online, an instance refers to a single, private Sintelix solution. You can have more than one instance.

What is Maximum Concurrent Users?

Maximum Concurrent Users is the number of Sintelix Online users you can have accessing your instance at any one time. The number of concurrent users is determined by the number of seats you own of a particular product. For i2 Pro users, unlimited Sintelix Users can be added via the UI, however the ceiling for concurrent usage remains the number of seats you have purchased.

What is Harvester?

Harvester is a capability provided within the Sintelix i2 Pro UI that allows for the scraping of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), social media and other data from web-based sources.

What is "Default Language" and "Additional Language" and how do they work

The Sintelix Online products operate with with the default language set to English.

Additional language packs are available for purchase which provide Sintelix with the ability to operate natively in the purchased language

What are language packs?

Language packs are purchasable extensions to Sintelix that provide for the identification of entities and relationships natively within documents containing narrative data in one of the supported languages. Sintelix does not translate language and then extract, all entity extraction and linking is performed in the native language.

What are tokens and how are they calculated?

Within Sintelix, the base data text measure is a ‘token’, a token is a word or punctuation mark. Each A4/Letter page of text contains about 1000 tokens.  1 Million pages of text equates to 100GB of document text or approximately 1 Billion tokens. 

What support am I entitled to as a Sintelix Online customer?

Sintelix Online support is provided through our online Sintelix Support Ticket system, accessible via your MySintelix Account or the Support links and buttons in the Sintelix Online Portal. 

Can I offer feedback or suggestions for Sintelix Online?

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. Feedback, enhancements and suggestions can be submitted through the Sintelix Ticket Support system, either directly via your MySintelix account or via a Feedback link located under Resources in the Sintelix Online portal.

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What is i2?

i2 is a shortened reference to IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, which is a visualisation tool used to conduct in depth analysis into structured data.

Am I required to have i2 to use Sintelix Online?

No. Subscribers to Sintelix i2 Pro can use the standard Sintelix User Interface (UI) to ingest documents, harvest open source and social media without having or using i2 products.

Where can I get i2 Analyst's Notebook from?

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook is available from IBM business partners who are authorised to distribute IBM i2 products. We can help you identify your local IBM i2 reseller.

Why is my current i2 Analyst's Notebook not working with Sintelix?

There are a couple of potential causes:

A)  You do not have your logon credentials and/or the connection string input correctly in the i2 plug-in logon screen.

> Your logon user id is listed in the Portal within your Instance under ‘Sintelix Login Users’

> Your password is the same password with which you access the Sintelix Online Portal.

> The connection URL is provided when you select the ANB Plugin button at the top of your Instance screen

B)  Your version of IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook may not be compatible with the current Sintelix Online version of Sintelix.
You can download the appropriate plug-in compatible with your older versions of IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook via your MySintelix account or the Training link in the main Sintelix Online Portal navigation panel.

Why am I not able to run Sintelix and i2 concurrently?

For users of i2 Pro, both the Sintelix UI and the i2 plug-in consume a single licence seat. If you have only one i2 pro licence you can access Sintelix either by the UI or the ANB plug-in but not both simultaneously. To do so you would need more than one seat. This applies to Free plans too.

Where can I buy a copy of IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook?

Please contact us at and we will put you in contact with our local i2 partner affiliates or resellers.

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What is Data Allowance?

In a similar way to how a phone plan comes with a data allowance, each of the Sintelix products comes with a defined quantity of data which is consumed as you process unstructured data ‘documents’ or sources such as web data.

Sintelix i2 Lite is supported by a standard data allocation of 1.2GB of data per year which is equivalent to 12,000 A4 pages of text (Images and spaces etc are not included).

Sintelix i2 Pro is provided with a standard data pack of 12GB per seat per year, the equivalent of 120,000 pages of text.

Data is purchased for and applied to, the period of your plan.

Unconsumed data rolls over into the next period and additional data packs can be purchased at any time.

What is a data pack?

A data pack is a purchasable data increase to your existing data allowance. For example, a single data pack of 100MB is equivalent to 1,000 A4 pages of text.

Data packs can be purchased at any time for i2 Lite and i2 Pro via your Sintelix Online portal.

How do I get extra data?

Additional data packs are available for purchase that incrementally extend your available data allowing additional processing.

What happens to my data if I upgrade my plan?

When upgrading from an i2 Lite to an i2 Pro plan, your data is automatically carried forward into the new plan.

Free instances of Sintelix Online are provided purely as an isolated sandpit for evaluation of the Sintelix product.

There is no method to upgrade an existing Free instance to a paid instance.

You should not add sensitive or mission critical data to Free plans.

To retain data when migrating from a Free plan you must export the data with your projects, prior to its expiration date. This data can then be imported to your new paid instance.

What happens to my data if my plan expires?

Customer data is only retained for paid accounts for up to 30 days after the plan expiry. Once your subscription expires, you need to renew your plan to regain access to your data.

Free plan data must be backed up (exported) prior to plan expiry. 

What happens if my Tokens are fully expended?

If your tokens are fully expended during your subscription period, a free additional daily allowance of 5000 tokens will be allocated to each licenced seat. This is NOT 5000 tokens every day, but is activated every time you run out of data tokens, with a maximum top up of once per day.

For example, if you have 3 seats in your instance and run out of data, you get 5000 free tokens, multiplied by 3 , a total of 15000 tokens.

This allocation is to allow you to continue to use Sintelix in an event of restricted capacity. It will provide you with a capacity to continue until you either purchase additional data or your subscription renews.

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What Sintelix subscriptions are available through Sintelix Online.

Sintelix Online offers the following subscriptions,

Free – 14-day trial

i2 Lite – A plugin version to Sintelix for use only within IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

i2 Pro – The full Sintelix User Interface (UI) that is also accessible from within IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Refer to the Sintelix Online Plans Page for further details –

How does the user licencing work for Sintelix Online?

Free – Only accessible for a single user connection at a time.

i2 Lite – An i2 Lite instance can be licenced for a number of seats (concurrent users), to a maximum of 5. Users are restricted to workstations that the Sintelix i2 plug-in is licenced to. Only one user can be logged onto Sintelix i2 Lite on a nominated workstation at a time.  E.g. If a single instance is licenced for three (3) seats, only three users would be able to log in to Sintelix at any one time from three dedicated i2 plug-in installed workstations.

i2 Pro – An i2 Pro instance can be licensed for a number of seats (concurrent users), to a maximum of 5. Multiple Sintelix users (>5) can be added and workstation access is not restricted. E.g. If a single instance is licenced for three (3) seats, ten Sintelix users may exist in Sintelix itself but only three users would be able to log in to Sintelix at any one time from any workstation. A user accessing the same instance via the Sintelix UI and also IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook via the plugin consumes two (2) user seats.

How can I pay for my Sintelix Online products?

Sintelix Online uses the Stripe payments platform to provide a secure credit card payment option for all purchases. If you wish to purchase and cannot transact using a credit card, please contact us directly here –

Credit card details are required and are stored securely in your Sintelix Online wallet.

What happens if an automatic payment bounces?

If an automatic payment ‘bounces’ the account administrator will receive an email notification to that effect and you will have one day to access the instance, make any backups etc. If you decide not to rectify your payment issue, your instance’s subscription will finish. Though you will no longer be able to access your instance, this will not restrict access to your account and you will be able to renew the instance later, if you so choose.

How do I buy additional features and add extra language support?

You can purchase additional features through the Sintelix Online portal. All additional features purchased are payable by credit card.

How do I turn off auto renewal?

You can turn off your auto renewal but keep your instance active by:

  • Navigating to your instance page
  • Click on ‘Delete Instance’ at the bottom left of the page
  • Select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option in the popup window
  • Confirm your action by clicking on ‘Continue to Cancel Subscription’
  • Specify why you would like to cancel your subscription
Do I need a new activation key if I purchase extras or add features?

For ‘on premises’ installations that utilise dongle licencing, a new activation key will be required to enable the additional purchased capability. 

How do I buy an Enterprise plan?

Please contact your Sintelix affiliate partner or us directly on –

Can I extend a Free account?

Free accounts are set with an expiry of fourteen (14) days from the date of activation. If for reasons that are extenuating circumstances you need to have your Free instance extended, please contact your referrer or Sintelix direct via the Sintelix Support system.

What are the licence authentication options for on premise installations?

On premise installations will require access to the internet to authenticate licences via a ‘phone home’ licence authentication call. No client data is involved in this authentication call.

Users who have security restrictions on internet access or external connections can be supplied a dongle, at an additional cost, as a licence authentication measure.

What is a dongle?

A dongle is a configured USB device that is encoded with licence authentication data relevant only to the users licence entitlements.

I have lost my dongle, how can I get a new one?

Dongle replacements are available but will require a direct contact request with us via

We will then inform you directly with of the procedure to be followed and advise you of the additional costs that will be incurred.

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What installation effort is required?

Little to none.

For Sintelix instances in the Sintelix Online cloud environment, no installation is required.

For local, “On Premise” installs, Sintelix has a Windows installer package that can be installed by non-technical clients. There is also a Linux Installer package but will require technical knowledge to install. 

Use of IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook will require local installation of a Sintelix i2 plugin.

Can I have a local installation?

Yes. Both Sintelix i2 Lite and i2 Pro are available to be hosted on premise.

Is there a sample project for me to follow?

There is a number of sample projects and other information available to help you on your Sintelix i2 journey, these are available through your MySintelix account which can be accessed via the logon screen or the Training link provided in your Portal main navigation panel. 

Extensions are also available for download under I2 Pro instances. These Extensions are curated projects for specific use-cases to solve real world problems. 

How do I export a Project?

For i2 Pro users:

>   Login to the Sintelix User Interface.

>   Locate and select the Sintelix Project you wish to export by enabling the checkbox associated with the Project.

>   At the base of the Project list window select the ‘Export Selection’ hyperlink.

>   Select the content to be exported: 

   >   Export everything – All Project configurations and data

   >   Export Configurations only – As above but with no data

   >   Export Security Information – Include all Sintelix security structures in the export

   >   Export Harvester Personas – Export all Persona Cookie information saved in the selected project.

>   Select Export.

Note: Exporting a project does not totally remove the project, rather it exports that project and or any associated data at that particular point in time. This is perfect for backing up Project data as new data or configurations are applied.

For i2 Lite users:

>   Login to the IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Sintelix plugin.

>   Under the Network or Collection tab, select the active Project.

>   From the drop down list select the project to be exported.

>   Click on the Project Name to display the Project options.

>   Select Export.

   >   Select the content to be exported:

        >   Export everything – All Project configurations and data

        >   Export Configurations only – As above but with no data

        >   Export Security Information – Include all Sintelix security structures in the export

        >   Export Harvester Personas – Export all Persona Cookie information saved in the selected project.

        >   Select Export.

>   Select a location and save the exported file, it will have a .sxproj file extension.

The file can be reimported at any time.

Do I need a new activation key whenever my plan is renewed?

Yes, for on premises installations that utilise dongle licencing, a new activation key is required upon plan renewal.

How can I get a new activation key?

Activation keys are updated and provided automatically for download upon renewal/purchase of additional data or features. The download is automatically activated by selecting the Activation Key button on your Instances home page. Your account administrator will receive an email notification whenever a new activation key is available.

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Security & Compliance

How secure is the Sintelix Cloud environment?

Sintelix Online is hosted on secure Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Sintelix Online utilises the AWS data centre and network architecture, which is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. Furthermore, Sintelix Online provides security in the cloud through a variety of network and application security measures:

  • Customer data is logically separated for each Sintelix product instance.
  • All data stored in the Sintelix cloud environment is encrypted at rest, and encrypted during transmission using TLS version 1.2 or higher.
  • All data is backed up daily.
  • 2-Factor authentication is available for Sintelix Online and MyAccount login.
What country is my data stored in?

All Sintelix Online data is stored on cloud services hosted in Australia.

How secure are my credit card details?

Your credit card details are secured with Stripe, a certified PCI Service Provider. All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256 and cannot be accessed by Sintelix staff.

Can I backup my own data?

Yes. Sintelix Projects containing processed data can be exported so that you can maintain a copy of your own data.

What happens to data after my plan expires?

When Sintelix instances are removed (after plan expiry), any stored data is securely erased and is no longer available.

The data for Free instances of Sintelix is removed immediately after expiry and 30-days after expiry for paid instances.

Who owns my cloud hosted data?

The Sintelix Online User Agreements clearly set out that you have legal ownership of the data you have stored within your Sintelix instances.

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