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Harness the vast landscape of global news and social media to detect, track and analyse incidents of utmost importance.

The World At Your Fingertips

Unlock the power of global social media and news with Sintelix Global Eye™. This cutting-edge solution revolutionises the way intelligence analysts monitor and analyse critical incidents and threats around the world.

With advanced algorithms and deep learning capabilities, the solution uncovers hidden patterns, identifies emerging events and their interactions, synthesising a coherent picture. For example, Global Eye event reports identify Who did What to Whom for Whom; via What target, Where, When, How and Why.

Whether it’s identifying geopolitical risks, tracking security threats or understanding social dynamics, Global Eye™ equips analysts with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions and stay a step ahead.

Connecting World Events and Social Media

Experience the Future of Data Analysis

For Whom?

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Direct Target

To Whom?

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Automatic End-to-End Workflow

Automatic end-to-end Sintelix workflow

Global Eye’s Capabilities

Track Social Media Worldwide

Track Social Media Worldwide

Global Eye covers 15 social media platforms worldwide, including, Facebook, X, Instagram, Telegram, VK, YouTube and many more. You can search across multiple platforms. If you automate, alerts and warnings will inform you of critical posts and events. Social Media data is integrates into a massive knowledge graph enabling you to track timelines and trace links between accounts, posts, groups and topics. Global Eye contextualises social media data with relevant news articles.

Global News Monitoring

Global News Monitoring

Global Eye can monitor over 60,000 news outlets worldwide, ensuring a comprehensive survey of global events. You can select your locations, topics, platforms and period of interest and Global Eye will build a knowledge graph to satisfy all your information needs. It updates automatically. Its vast coverage ensures that you have access to a multitude of perspectives and information, enhancing the depth and breadth of your intelligence.

Identify Events, Entities and Links with Sintelix

Identify Events, Entities and Links

Powered by the Sintelix’s world-beating AI systems for entity extraction and entity resolution, Global Eye can identify actors, targets, weapons, locations, organisations, sources, and civilian and military groups. AI creates deeper understanding of events including command structures and motivations. Global Eye gives you a full picture of what’s happening and who’s involved.

In-Depth Analysis

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Global Eye enables the analyst to perform keys tasks in tactical and strategic analysis:

Rapid Screening of incoming data – by sifting out significant information; analysing and summarising complex events, participants and related entities; prioritising them in order of importance and recency; and providing ability to drill down and visualise key details.

  • Rapid Screening of incoming data – by sifting out significant information; analysing and summarising complex events, participants and related entities; prioritising them in order of importance and recency; and providing ability to drill down and visualise key details.
  • Event Reporting – automatic detailed analysis of events presented in the form of a report with drill-down to analysis and source data
  • Source Analysis – how credible, reliable and biased are my data sources?
  • Perception Estimation – what do the other participants believe and intend based on social media and news?
  • Disinformation Detection – indicators for deception and deceptive collaboration
  • Capability Analysis – what are our strengths and vulnerabilities? what are theirs?
  • Intention Analysis – what are their potential goals, intentions and courses of action?
  • Plan Development – what responses could we make to potential intentions?

With the ability to capture open-source data from across the spectrum of news and social media, Global Eye offers both automatic analysis and the tools for analysts to dig fast and deep to answer critical intelligence questions.

Question-Answering with Sintelix


Global Eye’s QA feature provides direct answers to user queries. It quickly cuts through data, offering specific and relevant information. This speeds up the intelligence gathering process.

Sintelix’s QA system understands complex questions using advanced algorithms. Users get accurate answers fast, helping them make informed decisions quickly.

Real Time Alerts with Sintelix

Real Time Alerts

Global Eye provides real-time alerts, focussing your attention on urgent developments and allowing you to attend to other work while Global Eye keeps watch. Alerts are sent out by email (or other messaging system) and stored for later review.

Our Customers

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Easy to Set Up

Setting up Global Eye is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. When you login you’re greeted a simple dashboard. Each function on the dashboard is accompanied by a helpful question mark icon, providing on-the-spot guidance and information.

Creating a new task, such as monitoring a specific region or topic, is as simple as naming the task and selecting the required options. The platform guides users through the necessary steps, such as setting up locations, sources and topics, with helpful prompts and clear instructions.

The platform offers intuitive dropdown menus for selecting specific platforms, regions and countries, ensuring that users can precisely target their areas of interest. This step-by-step configuration process is designed to be foolproof, reducing the possibility of user errors and ensuring that each task is accurately set up to capture the required data efficiently.

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Sintelix network showing a detailed event

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Detailed Event Model

Powered by the Sintelix platform, Global Eye’s detailed event model goes beyond surface-level data to provide an in-depth understanding of various events. It efficiently identifies key components such as actors, targets, weapons, locations, organisations, groups and sources involved in an event. The model’s ability to break down events into these fundamental components allows for a structured and insightful examination. Whether it’s a geopolitical incident, a market trend or a social movement, the detailed event model provides a clear and comprehensive picture, enabling users to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the event dynamics.

Insightful Metrics

Extending beyond mere data collection, Global Eye provides analysts a nuanced and quantified view of world events. Each event table contains detailed metric columns such as supporters, detractors, interest, escalation, violence potential and opinion conflict.

For instance, in a scenario analysing social movements or public sentiments, the “supporters” and “detractors” columns in the event table can provide quantitative insights into how many people are for or against a particular issue. The “escalation” and “violence potential” metrics are particularly important for risk assessment and security planning.

Sintelix table view

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Sintelix multiple views - maps, timelines, networks, tables

Beautiful Visualisation

Whether it’s creating an incident table, performing time series analysis or generating link charts, Global Eye offers a robust set of tools to analyse the processed data. These advanced capabilities enable you to better understand the context, trends and implications of global events.

Map Integration

Map integration in Global Eye enhances the platform’s functionality by adding a geographical dimension to data analysis. The ability to view events on a map offers users an immediate visual representation of what’s happening where. This is vital for tasks such as tracking movements, assessing regional trends or understanding the geographical spread of related events. The visual context maps provide makes it easier for users to grasp and present complex information.

Sintelix Global Eye table and map view

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Sintelix automated reports - profile view and network

Automated Reports

Stay ahead of the curve with Global Eye’s automatic report creation capabilities. It generates detailed reports that can be exported, edited or used in situ. Global Eye provides reports on:

  • Events
  • Persons
  • Groups and
  • Organisations

Global Eye’s automatic reports offer massive savings in time for both analysis and reporting. The summarise all the information the solution has collected on your topic of interest.


Any Topic

Any Topic

Access over 200 built-in topics or customize your own for targeted analysis.

Globe icon


Analyze data from countries and states globally for a worldwide perspective.

time icon

Any Time

Delve into historical data to contextualize current events and trends.

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Monitor Millions

Track contributions and content from millions of people worldwide.

Images and videos icon

Images and Videos

Efficiently search, retrieve, and view multimedia content.

Watch lists

Watch Lists

Maintain vigilance on critical individuals and organizations.

Sentiment Analysis icon

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge public or group sentiments towards events and each other.

Interest And Escalation - increasing bar graph

Interest And Escalation

Track the changing frequency of reporting and discussion on specific topics.

City under attack icon

Asset Monitoring

Assess risks and intentions related to buildings, equipment, and personnel.

Customer Feedback

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"We now have a cohesive set of intelligence tools delivering time savings and enhanced capabilities and we can now access and analyse data in ways that were not previously possible. Intelligence analysts from across UK Defence can now easily share data, produce intelligence and collaborate on projects."

– Representative of the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

Global Eye Answers the Critical Questions

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Global Eye is a revolutionary intelligence analysis platform that provides a sweeping view over 60,000 news outlets worldwide, enabling you to effortlessly capture, categorise and analyse global events in real-time.

With a focus on delivering intelligence focused on your need, Global Eye allows you to discern actors, targets, locations and more from events spanning over your chosen topics, all presented through its intuitive dashboard, visualisations and detailed, automatic reports.

From efficient news and social media screening to in-depth analysis and real-time alerts, every critical insight from across world social media and news is now at your fingertips.

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