With Sintelix you can load data of any type from across the Internet and run your analysis wherever you like.

Load data into Sintelix from multiple sources

Sintelix can load data from virtually any source.


Multiple file formats

Data Types

Sintelix can load over 1500 different file types.

It’s Fast

Sintelix is Fast … processing 30 pages of text per core per second.

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Sintelix is scalable

It’s Scalable

Sintelix contains no hard limitations on the size of data it can hold. Speed and size are limited by hardware only. Processing load is shared evenly over all the processor cores available.


Workstation – Workgroup – Enterprise

You can run Sintelix on hardware of any scale from a laptop to a mammoth server with hundreds of cores.

Sintelix’s advanced security and project capabilities enable it to be deployed in almost any computer environment – laptop, workstation, workgroup and enterprise.

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Store your original documents in Sintelix

Stores Original Documents

Sintelix can store, preserve and manage your source documents.


Sintelix economises on disk space by deduplicating the data it ingests videos, audio, images and documents.

Deduplication of files
Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition is a standard option.


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Unlock the power of global intelligence with Sintelix Global Eye™. This cutting-edge solution revolutionises the way intelligence analysts monitor and analyse critical incidents and threats around the world.

Bringing together news and social media, Global Eye’s advanced algorithms and deep learning, uncovers hidden patterns and emerging trends and delivers actionable insights with exceptional precision.

Whether it’s identifying geopolitical risks, tracking security threats or understanding social dynamics, Global Eye™ equips analysts with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions and stay one step ahead.

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