Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform

Collect, prepare, assimilate, monitor, investigate and enhance the value of your information with Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform (SDIP). SDIP integrates with, complements and enhances your existing digital asset management tools.

Sintelix workflow diagram: Collect, Prepare, Integrate with your systems, then Investigate.

Data Intelligence with Precision and Flexibility

Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform (SDIP) accelerates and enhances your organisation’s exploitation and management of its data resources. Designed to handle the complexities of today’s corporate landscapes, SDIP is a robust solution for collecting, preparing, monitoring, enhancing and investigating the value of your data. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, SDIP is an essential tool for data and information managers across the corporate sector.

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Data Intelligence End-to-End

Sintelix information end-to-end diagram

Sintelix Data Intelligence Capabilities

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Harvest the Internet

Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform (SDIP) excels at harvesting data from a wide array of sources: web pages, social media, news and publicly available data.

Sintelix Web Harvesting Tool →

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Know Your Customer

Sintelix KYC automatically and relentlessly scours social media and other sources to discover risk indicators for your current and prospective stakeholders: customers, staff and businesses.

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Question Answer Search

Question Answer Search, powered by AI, provides high quality answers to your questions and avoids misses and irrelevant results.

Question Answer Search →

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Analytical Search

Richly featured search including location search, entity search, soft deduplication, results clustering, history, favourites and much more.

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Topic Summarisation

Topic Summarisation enables you to rapidly understand the range of search results you have obtained, so you can quickly home in on the information you need.

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Delve deep into data, uncovering connections and insights. Apply in fraud detection, data breach management, personal information risk scanning.

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Data Preparation & Enhancement

As a one-stop-shop for ingesting both structured and unstructured text, Sintelix Information Management accelerates Data Preparation.

Sintelix Data Ingestion →

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Master Data Management

Documents, staff, customers, stock items, etc. are discovered and tracked. Sintelix Information Management discovers and link references to these entities across the organisation.

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Benefits of Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform

Transform Unstructured to Structured Data

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Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform excels at converting unstructured data into structured formats and databases.

Transform Unstructured Data with Sintelix →

Integrate Structured and Unstructured Data

Integrating unstructured data with structured data to enable effective analysis
Create elegantly simple visualisations to achieve high impact. Integrate by aligning with reference data and via Master Data Management.

Integrate Unstructured Data with Sintelix →

Integrate Web and Internal Data

Integrating web data, social media data, and internal data
Combine Internet data with your organization’s internal information. Enrich market research, competitive analysis, and trend monitoring.

Web and Internal Data Integration with Sintelix →

High Accuracy Information Extraction

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Precision is information extraction is critical when dealing with large volumes of data.  Accuracy directly impacts quality.

Sintelix Entity Extraction →

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Auto-Generated Reports

Automate data analysis and presentation. Sintelix’s auto-generated reports combine information from across your data holdings. Taylor them to reach perfection.

Sintelix Reports →

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 Deploy at All Scales

Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform is designed to be deployed at all scales: laptop to enterprise server.


1600+ File Types

1600+ File Types

Supports a vast range of file formats for comprehensive data processing.

 Integrate with Anything

Integrate with Anything

Offers extensive integration capabilities with various databases, APIs and software platforms.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Customisable to fit specific business needs and requirements.

Video & Audio

Video & Audio

Collect and process video and audio; optionally transcribe.



Includes various applications to enhance data management and analysis.

 95+ Major Features

95+ Major Features

Boasts a suite of 95+ significant features for advanced information management.

Customer Feedback

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"Delivered results were excellent. A field accuracy of 99.7% was achieved, which is significantly greater that IPA would expect from human transcription. The project was performed on time and on budget. IP Australia enjoyed a positive experience of working with Semantic Sciences Research and using Sintelix."

Patent Search Capability Coordinator, IP Australia

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"We found working with Semantic Sciences to be interesting and rewarding. We pay tribute to the company’s ability to analyze a difficult business problem and come up with a viable and effective solution. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Semantic Sciences again on future projects."

Assistant Director, Digital Strategy and Solutions, National Archives of Australia

Bringing Your Information Alive!

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The Sintelix Data Intelligence Platform (DIP) is not just a point solution; it’s a catalyst for transforming how your organization handles data. Sintelix DIP complements your existing processes, enriching, understanding, investigating, questioning, and integrating information to unlock its full potential. From harvesting crucial data and profiling customers to enhancing and integrating your information, this solution ensures that every item of data is not just collected but brought to life, driving the insights and decisions that will propel your organization to success.

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