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Platform Benefits

High Accuracy

Sintelix SIA has recently adopted advanced AI-based Named Entity Recognition (NER). We have achieved outstanding accuracy. Our new algorithms boast both low error rate and low miss rate. High accuracy is crucial for effective down-stream processing and gaining reliable insights for decision-making.

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Deploy at all Scales - Workstation, workgroup, enterprise

Deploy at All Scales

Designed to be scalable, the Sintelix Intelligence Analysis can be deployed in multiple environments, from small teams to large enterprises. This scalability ensures that the solution remains effective regardless of the size of the organization or the volume of data. Sintelix grows with you: add users, data and hardware capability to suit your developing needs.

Highly Configurable

With extensive configurability, SIA can be tailored to meet specific operational needs and preferences. This flexibility allows for customization to the unique requirements of your projects and scenarios. Out of the box, SIA performs well on intelligence tasks. If you would like still better performance, you can avail yourself of its suite of configuration tools, many of which have their own IDEs (integrated development environments), carefully designed to simplify your work.

Smiling analyst using Sintelix

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Smiling analyst using Sintelix API

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Web Service API

The Web Service API enhances SIA’s versatility, enabling easy integration with other applications. Sintelix boasts two other significant integration capabilities: you can define your own API functions and specify API clients within Sintelix so that you can consume services from other systems without needing separate integration software.

Easy Integration

Sintelix is engineered for easy integration with existing systems and workflows. This ease of integration means it can be seamlessly incorporated into various operational environments without significant disruptions. We offer integration to SQL and noSQL databases in addition to over 200 proprietary products including i2 Analyst’s Notebook and i2 iBase.

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1600+ File Types

1600+ File Types

Supports a broad range of file formats. Can ingest diverse data types.

Video & Audio

Video & Audio

Collect and process video and audio; optionally transcribe.

Document Metadata

Document Metadata

Faithfully extract metadata. Use it in document processing and information extraction.

Voice to Text

Voice to Text

High quality transcription and speaker identification.

Sintelix apps


Includes a variety of applications to augment data management and analysis.

95+ Major Features

95+ Major Features

Boasts over 95 key features for extensive intelligence capabilities.

Customer Feedback

Ministry of Defence Logo
"We now have a cohesive set of intelligence tools delivering time savings and enhanced capabilities and we can now access and analyse data in ways that were not previously possible. Intelligence analysts from across UK Defence can now easily share data, produce intelligence and collaborate on projects."

– Representative of Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

Australian Government - IP Australia
"Delivered results were excellent. A field accuracy of 99.7% was achieved, which is significantly greater that IPA would expect from human transcription. The project was performed on time and on budget. IP Australia enjoyed a positive experience of working with Semantic Sciences Research and using Sintelix."

Patent Search Capability Coordinator, IP Australia

The Express Way from Data to Decision

Smiling analyst using Sintelix

Harness the full spectrum of intelligence analysis tools with the Sintelix Intelligence Analysis (SIA). From data capture to in-depth analysis and clear reporting, Sintelix equips you with all the tools you need to transform vast data into decisive action. Its seamless integration, powerful processing and intuitive visualisation capabilities lead to clear insights, ensuring that your intelligence operations are as efficient as they are effective.

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