Sintelix Harvester is a highly customisable, out-of-the-box solution for collecting data at scale from across the World Wide Web

Sintelix harvester

New Sintelix Harvester is a thorough upgradeIt provides easy access to all the information you need to collect via a Quick Search UI, which controls and directs all operationsYou can collect information about people, organisations, topics and much moreYou select the social media and information platforms you need, and New Harvester does the rest.

Diagram of Sintelix Harvester features


Go button - Immediate data collection

Immediate data collection – collect the data immediately when you click “Go” – no delay!

Integrated within Sintelix – Harvester adds to SintelixIt operates seamlessly within the Sintelix platform.  You can integrate your collected data with all your other data collections, create networks and explore it with our ever-expanding visualisation tool set. 

Sintelix Harvester
Quick Collect UI

Quick Collect UI – New Harvester provides a Quick Collect user interface that allows you to collect information across all sources; you only specify keywords and entities of interestIf you want, you can constrain search and collection by region. If you need to collect different data from each source, you can specify them through the UI. 

Predefined Sources include Telegram, VK, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, and many more.  Havester covers the vast majority of  news sites and many specialist data sources.  When the supported sources change we send out rule set updates to maintain your collection effectiveness 

Social media sources

Obfuscate your collection – keep a low profile; remain invisible.

Knowledge Graph creation as you go – Harvester doesn’t just collect information; it creates a knowledge graph connecting all the information within and across platforms.  Harvester’s common ontology allows easy analysis across multiple social media platforms.

World Wide Web icon
Evidence icon

Keep an Evidentiary Record – Harvester can save images of captured web pages so that the information can be retained in the form seen by users accurately and securely.

Entity Extraction and Resolution – out of the box you have all the entity extraction capabilities of Sintelix to enrich and interconnect your knowledge graph.

Sintelix Entity Extraction and Resolution view
Linux, Docker, Windows icons

Any Environment – Sintelix Harvester can be accommodated in almost any computer environment.  The Harvester Agent enables harvesting to be controlled from a server in a safe area communicating securely with the Agent which has access to the Internet.

And much much more … including multlevel harvests, search-based harvests, image and video collection and transcription, personas, configuration by learning, optimisation, batch harvesting and scheduling.  You can even harvest manually with our Chrome plugin. 

Variety of media formats and options


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Harvester is an integral component of Global Eye™.

Unlock the power of global intelligence with Sintelix Global Eye™. This cutting-edge solution revolutionises the way intelligence analysts monitor and analyse critical incidents and threats around the world.

Bringing together news and social media, Global Eye’s advanced algorithms and deep learning, uncovers hidden patterns and emerging trends and delivers actionable insights with exceptional precision.

Whether it’s identifying geopolitical risks, tracking security threats or understanding social dynamics, Global Eye™ equips analysts with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions and stay one step ahead.

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