Text Intelligence & Data Management

Sintelix is the secret weapon of high-performing analysts around the world.

Application Domains

Intelligence Analysis

A male intelligence analyst surrounded by blue screens showing Sintelix..
  • Social Media Monitoring & Discovery
  • All Types of Intel Source Data
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Data Visualisation and Exploration
  • Auto Preparation of Intel Product
  • Automation via Apps

Data Intelligence Platform

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  • Know Your Customer
  • Information Harvesting
  • Investigation
  • Data Preparation
  • Information Integration
  • Master Information Management

A Trusted Partner to World-Leading Organisations

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Sintelix Platform Capabilities

Database and Documents Icon - Ingest All Data Types

Ingest All Data Types

Comprehensive data ingestion, handling both structured and unstructured formats.

Tractor and World Wide Web icon - Web Data Collection

Web Data Collection

Harvest data across both open-web and deep-web sources quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Harvesting - Tractor and Social Media Icons.

Social Media Harvesting

Extract vital data and track key event developments across social platforms.

Integrate External and Internal Data - A database with files and folders.

Integrate External and Internal Data

Seamlessly fuses internal and external data for holistic analysis.

Unstructured to Structured Data - From document to database

Unstructured to Structured Data

Efficiently transforms unstructured data into structured, analysable formats.

Entity Extraction and Enrichment - intelligence gathering icon

Entity Extraction and Enrichment

Advanced entity extraction and enrichment for detailed, contextual understanding.

Trophy icon - High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Extract named entities using AI at very high accuracy; English at an F1 of 97.5%.

Question Answering

Question-Answer & Advanced Search

Just ask a question. Get great answers. Sophisticated multifacet search.

Customisable API Icon

Customisable API

Robust Web Service API with customisable functions.

Deploy At All Scales

Deploy At All Scales

Install Sintelix on your laptop, workgroup server or enterprise server cluster.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Customisable to fit specific business needs and requirements.

1600+ File formats

1600+ File Types

Supports over 1600 file types, including image, audio and video files.

Network Graph View

Visual Analysis Tools

Advanced document-based visualisation tools and user interfaces.

App Scripting and Custom Analytics icon

App Scripting and Custom Analytics

Automate functions and create custom analytics with app scripts.

Custom Reports & Forms icon

Custom Reports & Forms

Facilitates the creation of bespoke reports and forms for tailored analysis.

Flexible Integrations icon

Flexible Integrations

Extensive connectors for databases, email, and i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Administration and Security icon

Administration and Security

Comprehensive administration tools with robust security features.

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95+ Major Features

Boasts a suite of 95+ key features for extensive analytical capabilities.

Customer Feedback

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"We now have a cohesive set of intelligence tools delivering time savings and enhanced capabilities and we can now access and analyse data in ways that were not previously possible. Intelligence analysts from across UK Defence can now easily share data, produce intelligence and collaborate on projects."

– Representative of the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

National Archives of Australia Logo
"We found working with Semantic Sciences to be interesting and rewarding. We pay tribute to the company’s ability to analyze a difficult business problem and come up with a viable and effective solution. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Semantic Sciences again on future projects."

Assistant Director, Digital Strategy and Solutions, National Archives of Australia

Australian Government - IP Australia
"Delivered results were excellent. A field accuracy of 99.7% was achieved, which is significantly greater that IPA would expect from human transcription. The project was performed on time and on budget. IP Australia enjoyed a positive experience of working with Semantic Sciences Research and using Sintelix."

Patent Search Capability Coordinator, IP Australia

"NHMRC has benefited greatly from its engagement with Semantic Sciences on multiple projects. Semantic Sciences have delivered high quality solutions on time and within budget."

– CFO, CIO National Health & Medical Research Council

Uncover, Analyse, Act: The Sintelix Promise

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Sintelix redefines the way professionals interact with data. It’s not just about managing information; it’s about unlocking its potential. With its robust capabilities, user-friendly design, and precise analytics, Sintelix is more than a data management tool—it’s a gateway to smarter decision-making and strategic insight. Discover the power of streamlined data with Sintelix.

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