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Unlock the power of AI and deep learning to get accurate answers from your data. QA gives you answers with high precision with a simple user interface that’s easy and natural.

Get Great Answers Now!

Sintelix’s Question Answering capability offers a new and exciting way to extract key insights from your datasets. Just tap in your question as you would ask to another person, and Sintelix will search your documents to find and highlight the answers.

QA finds what you want and leaves the rest – so much easier! And, it tells you the answer!

By optimising operational efficiency, QA enables your people to dedicate more time to deeper analysis, decision-making, and reporting.

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Get The Best Answers

Sintelix Question Answering is designed to fine the best answers to your question from across your entire data set. Answers are scored and irrelevant answers are eliminated. Gone are the days of reading pages of search results!

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Don’t Miss Anything

Every set of answers you provided by QA includes nearly all the relevant answers. Sintelix misses virtually nothing. Sintelix QA operates semantically, so if the answer is expressed in a different way to your question, Sintelix QA will still find it.

Make New Discoveries

QA doesn’t just provide answers, it reveals new facets and insights related to your queries. By asking a question, you may discover unexpected but relevant aspects, giving you a fuller understanding of the topic. This makes each answer not just a direct response, but also a gateway to deeper knowledge and wider perspective.

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Better Analysis, Less Work

The QA system is designed to enhance your productivity. It delivers fast and accurate answers, allowing you to proceed with confidence. No time is wasted sifting through irrelevant information. Your workflow is streamlined, and you can remain focused.

Simple to Use

Write your questions as you like and Sintelix QA will understand – and serve you the answers you need.

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Powered by AI

Powered by AI

Use the power of AI to get precise answers anchored in a bedrock of reliable data.

Groups Similar Answers

Groups Similar Answers

Like answers are grouped together for less clutter and easy comparison.

Dated Answers

Dated Answers

Answers are provided with dates to ensure they are accurate across timelines.

Like Talking to A Human

Like Talking to A Human

Enables seamless interaction. Encourages easy use and simplifies user experience.

Drill Down to Source

Drill Down to Source

Allows deeper exploration. See original sources and verify your answers.

Specify Confidence Levels

Specify Confidence Levels

Customisable confidence levels let you tailor searches to get the precision you desire.

Measurable Answer Validity

Measurable Answer Validity

Each answer has a confidence score allowing you to judge reliability.

Focus On What's Relevant

Focus On What's Relevant

Maximises relevant output while eliminating noise and irrelevant data.

Highlights Relevant Text

Highlights Relevant Text

QA pinpoints parts of text with the answer saving your reading time and effort.

Customer Feedback

UK Ministry of Defence
"We now have a cohesive set of intelligence tools delivering time savings and enhanced capabilities and we can now access and analyse data in ways that were not previously possible. Intelligence analysts from across UK Defence can now easily share data, produce intelligence and collaborate on projects."

– Representative of the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

National Archives of Australia
"We found working with Semantic Sciences to be interesting and rewarding. We pay tribute to the company’s ability to analyze a difficult business problem and come up with a viable and effective solution. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Semantic Sciences again on future projects."

Assistant Director, Digital Strategy and Solutions, National Archives of Australia

QA – The Direct Route

Sintelix Question and Answer feature

The Sintelix Question Answering is an advanced feature that harnesses the power of AI, deep learning, and natural language processing technology to enhance the already formidable search functionality within Sintelix.

With this new feature, you’re no longer limited to keyword search. Instead, you can pose your queries in a natural language format, as if you’re asking another person. The technology understands your question, searches your documents, and presents you with the most relevant answers.

The results are presented with a confidence score, which allows you to gauge the relevance of each answer quickly. Additionally, key entities within the answers are highlighted, making it easy for you to interpret the results and extract the information you need.

In an age of information overload, Sintelix’s Question-Answering offers a powerful and efficient way to extract value from your data. Ask a question and let Sintelix do the hard work.

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