Sintelix offers a host of visualisations to understand and analyse your data.

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Document Search

Sintelix provides comprehensive search functions:

  • Federated Search
  • Exact Deduplication
  • Soft Deduplication – results grouping
  • 8 Types of Search Facet
  • Facet Suspension
  • Facet Copy
  • Single-click Search
  • Temporal Search
  • Results Clustering
  • Results Highlighting
  • Results in context
  • Click to move through results
  • Synonym Search
  • Favourites
  • History – with recovery
  • And much more …
Analysing documents using Sintelix

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Sintelix Question and Answering

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Question Answering

The Sintelix Question Answering is an advanced feature that harnesses the power of AI, deep learning, and natural language processing technology to enhance the already formidable search functionality within Sintelix.

Sintelix QA offers a new and exciting way to extract key insights from your datasets. Just tap in your question as you would ask it to another person, and Sintelix will search your documents to find and highlight the answers.

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Network Graphs (Link Charts)

Visualize the entity relationships in your documents.

Sintelix network graphs

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Sintelix network graphs with map overlay

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Text reference refinement with Sintelix

Text Reference Refinement

The text Reference Refinement tool enables you to review document markup across multiple collections. It is potent for both reviewing and refining markup and for understanding the data. You can group results by tag, text or discover where text is marked up with multiple tags.

Sentiment Analysis

Sintelix’s sentiment analysis gives insights into the likes and dislikes of people and organisations.

Sentiment analysis with Sintelix
Temporal Analysis with Sintelix

Temporal Analysis

Sintelix’s built-in timeline tool allows you to visualize and analyse events over time. You have two levels of magnification and a host of features to expose the information you’re interested in.

Temporal Analysis with Sintelix

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This view shows the escalation and fall off in reports of a Russian attack in the Ukrainian war. It also shows the other entities related to the event. You can mouse over to see details.

Spreadsheet for Text

In Sintelix’s Spreadsheet for Text capability, the network table provides a numerical view of an intelligence analysis problem. The system counts indicator patterns in text and evaluates formulas to provide the analysis you need.

In the screen shot below, a collection of documents describing the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq was analysed to identify the lines of influence in the US decision to go to war. The decision was analysed using the Bueno de Mesquita model, which identified the likely decision on the basis of the Influence and Attention of the people involved and the Position they each take on the issue. Here George Bush had by far the highest Influence, he gave the matter high Attention and is position was strongly in favour of invasion – which is what happened.

Sintelix spreadsheet view

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Unlock the power of global intelligence with Sintelix Global Eye™. This cutting-edge solution revolutionises the way intelligence analysts monitor and analyse critical incidents and threats around the world.

Bringing together news and social media, Global Eye’s advanced algorithms and deep learning, uncovers hidden patterns and emerging trends and delivers actionable insights with exceptional precision.

Whether it’s identifying geopolitical risks, tracking security threats or understanding social dynamics, Global Eye™ equips analysts with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions and stay one step ahead.

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