New Sintelix Link Chart Layouts

Sintelix now sports seven link chart layouts, including hierarchy, force-directed, map underlay and many more. Enjoy their massive acceleration and many new features.

Sintelix Network Graph Layouts

Display link charts with seven new layouts – directly in Sintelix.

The layouts Sintelix now offers are: Force-directed, Ring, Multi-Ring, Hierarchy, Grouped, Tiled and Map – many have their own custom settings. They are fast, scalable and always give the same patterns.

Experience the New Sintelix Graph Layouts

Intelligence army officer using Sintelix via a touch screen
Sintelix network using a force-directed layout

Force-Directed Layout – Automatically arrange your knowledge graph to focus on the most connected nodes. This layout provides a constellation view of connected entities which exposes the natural structure of your network graph.

Hierarchy Layout – Arrange connected nodes in a hierarchy starting with the most connected node or any node you select. The hierarchy layout automatically provides a visual link analysis that exposes influence and links within any organisation or connected group.

Sintelix Hierachy layout network view
Sintelix map view with network super-imposed over the top

Maps Layout – Display your network over map underlay. Any geolocated nodes are anchored to their map locations and the others adjust themselves for easy visualisation. The map layout provides options enabling you to pull in and push out other nodes from the geographic focus of the graph.

Ring – Focus on one entity by placing it at the centre of a ring. See at a glance it’s key connections. Show more neighbours to discover new relationships. Experiment with placing other significant entities in the centre.

Sintelix network view using the Ring layout
Sintelix network view using the Multi-Ring layout

Multi-Ring Layout– Arrange all nodes into one or more concentric rings. Any nodes you select prior to clicking this layout are placed in the inner ring. Moving outward, the associations between the inner ring and each larger ring gradually reduce.

Tiled Layout – The tiled layout organises a set of unconnected subnetworks, creating a densely packed mosaic of unconnected subgraphs. The subgraphs are ordered by reducing size left-to-right and down the screen. If you only have singleton nodes, you obtain a grid.

Sintelix network view using the Tiled layout
Sintelix network view using the Grouped layout

Grouped Layout – Arrange the most connected nodes in a central ring, with other connected nodes fanning outwards.


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