PMESII/ASCOPE analysis with Sintelix

See how Sintelix can assist with a PMESII/ASCOPE analysis methodology. This video demonstrates three separate PMESII/ASCOPE approaches:

  • A taxonomy based approach
  • A search based approach
  • An extraction based approach


PMESII and ASCOPE are analysis methodologies commonly utilized in defense and military environments to analyze an operational environment.

PMESII covers the following factors:

P – Political
M – Military
E – Economic
S – Social
I – Information
I – Infrastructure

This can also be extended to PMESII-PT

P – Physical Environment
T – Time

ASCOPE covers the following factors:

A – Areas
S – Structure
C – Capabilities
O – Organizations
P – People
E – Events


Combining the two in a matrix provides a powerful tool to defense and military personnel seeking to analyse and understand an operational environment.  As demonstrated in the video above, Sintelix can be used to conduct PMESII/ASCOPE analysis with improved speed and accuracy.

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