Global Eye’s Detailed Event Model

Connecting World Events and Social Media

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Powered by the Sintelix platform, Global Eye’s detailed event model goes beyond surface-level data to provide an in-depth understanding of various events. It efficiently identifies key components such as actors, targets, weapons, locations, organisations, groups and sources involved in an event. The model’s ability to break down events into these fundamental components allows for structured and insightful analysis. Whether it’s a geopolitical incident, a market trend or a social movement, the detailed event model provides a clear and comprehensive picture, enabling users to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the event dynamics.

Customer Feedback

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"We now have a cohesive set of intelligence tools delivering time savings and enhanced capabilities and we can now access and analyse data in ways that were not previously possible. Intelligence analysts from across UK Defence can now easily share data, produce intelligence and collaborate on projects."

– Representative of the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

Global Eye – the OSINT Intelligence Solution

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Global Eye is a revolutionary OSINT intelligence analysis platform that provides a sweeping view over 60,000 news outlets and social media platforms worldwide, enabling you to effortlessly capture, categorise and analyse global events in real-time.

With a focus on delivering intelligence focused on your need, Global Eye threat intelligence allows you to discern actors, targets, locations and more from events spanning your chosen topics, all presented through its intuitive dashboard, visualisations and detailed, automatic reports.

For efficient news and social media screening, in-depth analysis and real-time alerts, every critical insight from the world’s social media and news is now at your fingertips.

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