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Even in our increasingly digital age handwritten information still exists and could be used as part of a criminal investigation. Handwritten information could be useful in cases of fraud, embezzlement, and counterfeiting but it could feature in any criminal investigation from murder, terrorism or assaults to abduction, drugs cases, and missing persons.

Our digital lives We live in an age of information. Our daily lives are digitized, reported and recorded more than ever before. Stop for a minute and think about all the ways in which you have digitally recorded your life already today. You might have come up with some of these: Text messages Emails Documents […]

Financial Crime – what’s the big deal? It would be easy to view financial crime as victimless. Fraud, money laundering, insider dealing bribery, corruption, and cybercrime affect only big business and don’t cause anyone physical harm. However, this view is a misconception. The broad range of activity covered by the phrase ‘financial crime’ is frequently […]

When we think of law enforcement we think of front-line police officers, who are heroes in themselves. Look behind the scenes though and you’ll find someone assisting in finding, apprehending, prosecuting and convicting offenders. That person is a Police Intelligence Analyst.

Live demonstration: See how Sintelix easily integrates with IBM i2 products, supercharging IBM i2 with the ability to analyse unstructured data with ease.

See why Sintelix was selected as a top 10 homeland security solution provider in this Government CIO Outlook article.

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