Load and Store Your Documents in Sintelix

With Sintelix you can load data from your workstation, your server drives, Sintelix Harvester (gathering from Open Source data from the Web and Social Media) and the various integrations that Sintelix offers.

File Types

Sintelix can load over 1500 different file types.


OCR is available as an option for Sintelix.

It’s Fast

Sintelix is Fast. It can process 30 pages of text per core per second*.

Tested with 100,000 newswire publications on an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with 6 cores enabled (hyperthreading disabled), no network creation


Sintelix contains no hard software limitations on the size of data it can hold. Speed and size are only limited by hardware only. Processing load is shared evenly over all the processor cores available.

You can run Sintelix on any scale of hardware from a mobile phone to a 256-core mammoth.

Workstation – Workgroup – Enterprise – all in one.

Sintelix’s advanced security and project capabilities enable it to be applied to any organisational environment, regardless of its structure.

Stores Original Documents

Optionally, Sintelix will store and preserve your source documents and can be used for records management.


Sintelix provides a comprehensive search capability:

  • Federated search
  • Exact Deduplication
  • Soft Deduplication – results grouping
  • 8 Types of Search Facet
  • Facet suspension
  • Facet copy
  • Single-click search
  • Temporal search
  • Results clustering
  • Results highlighting
  • Results in context
  • Click to move through results
  • Synonym search
  • Favourites
  • History – with recovery
  • etc.

Discover Sintelix


Text analytics video

text analytics demonstration


Text analytics brochure

text analytics brochure

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