Information Management

Collect, prepare, assimilate, monitor, investigate and enhance the value of your information with Sintelix Information Management (SIM). SIM integrates with, complements and enhances any collaboration and digital asset management tooling you already have.

Sintelix workflow diagram: Collect, Prepare, Integrate with your systems, then Investigate.

Data Management with Precision and Flexibility

Sintelix Information Management (SIM) accelerates and enhances your organisation’s exploitation and management of its data resources. Designed to handle the complexities of today’s corporate landscapes, Sintelix Information Management is a robust platform for collecting, preparing, monitoring, enhancing and investigating the value of your data. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, Sintelix SIM is an essential tool for data and information managers across the corporate sector.

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Sintelix Information Management End-to-End

Sintelix information end-to-end diagram

Sintelix Information Management Capabilities

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Information Harvesting

Sintelix Information Management excels at harvesting data from a wide array of sources: web pages, social media, news and publicly available data. It efficiently captures information from the web, including social media, forums, news, open data and proprietary data. SIM combines advanced abilities to harvest, prepare and integrate diverse data. It is a pivotal capability for organizations that rely on up-to-date and wide-ranging information.

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Know Your Customer

Understanding hidden risks of taking on new customers and stakeholders and keeping track of your existing relationships is a demanding task. Early detection of these risks provides opportunities to mitigate any damage and to develop and optimise response procedures. Failure to notice them can result in major losses. Sintelix KYC automatically and relentlessly scours social media and other sources to discover risk indicators for your current and prospective stakeholders: customers, staff and businesses.

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Knowledge Acceleration

Losing information is one of the biggest unwanted cost overheads in business. SIM Knowledge Acceleration addresses this gap with its capabilities for Question Answering, Simple Search, Advanced Search and Topic Summarisation. Knowledge acceleration cuts down on wasted staff time and annoyance. Question Answering provides high quality answers to your questions and avoids misses and irrelevant results. Topic Summarisation enables you to rapidly understand the range of search results you have obtained, so you can quickly home in on the information you need.

SIM ensures that vital information is quickly shared and understood across teams, enhancing your decision-making processes.

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The solution is adept at facilitating thorough investigations. It allows users to delve deep into data, uncovering connections and insights that might otherwise remain hidden. This capability is commonly used for fraud detection, personal information risk scanning and speeding the analysis large volumes of documentation.

SIM can identify Personal Information – invaluable for breach investigations and risk assessment.

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Data Preparation & Enhancement

While Data Preparation is commonly regarded as a messy and difficult task, it needn’t be that way. Sintelix Information Management simplifies much of the work by being a one-stop-shop for ingesting both structured and unstructured text. It can ingest a wide variety of data types from streams, applications and databases.

SIM integrates conventional structured data ETL with advanced text processing. SIM can enrich data from reference sources internal and external. SIM’s data preparation capability is rounded off with a well-designed user interface and efficient testing tools.

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Master Information Management

Conventional Master Data Management aligns structured data held in multiple systems throughout an organisation and creates a master copy. It aims to counter the constant forces of degeneration where there are multiple copies of the same data. The Master Information Management paradigm is different: references to entities of interest – documents, staff, customers, stock items, etc. are discovered and tracked. Sintelix Information Management creates one or more knowledge graphs that link references to these entities across the organisation. To deliver value, the knowledge graphs can be searched or analysed using SIM’s visualisation tools and apps.

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Sintelix Information Management Benefits

Transform Unstructured to Structured Data

Sintelix Information Management (SIM) excels at converting unstructured data into structured formats and databases. Structuring unstructured data enables easier analysis, storage, and retrieval. Structured data is much simpler to integrate and reuse.

Unstructured data, such as raw text from social media, news articles, or documents, often contains precious insights, but extracting business value presents challenges. Sintelix Information Management’s sophisticated algorithms parse this data, extract actionable information and store it in SIM’s graph database. Structured data transformation not only enhances data usability but also prepares it for the advanced visualisation, analytics and reporting that SIM provides.

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Integrating unstructured data with structured data to enable effective analysis

Integrate Structured and Unstructured Data

Integrating structured and unstructured data is standout benefit of Sintelix Information Management. You can create elegantly simple visualisations to achieve high impact. Examples of information integration offered by Sintelix include:

  • Cleaning by aligning reference data – for example correcting personal data such as names, addresses against electoral rolls and digital map databases;
  • Master Data Management – matching user entered publication lists to reference data such as Science Direct, ORCID or Semantic Scholar;
  • Master Information Management – recognising and aligning all the entities of interest across a data holding to enable identification of personal information, references to employee or customers, etc.

Sintelix Information Management provides information integration at four points: structured data ingestion; document/text analysis; entity resolution; and creation of custom reports.

Integrate Web and Internal Data

SIM’s ability to integrate web-sourced data with internal data sources further broadens its utility. By combining external data from the Internet with the organization’s internal data, SIM provides richer contextualised information. This external-internal data synergy is particularly beneficial for market research, competitive analysis, and trend monitoring, because it offers a holistic view. Example Web data integration tasks include:

  • Watch Lists – detecting when reference persons or organisations within your watch list appear in data you harvested from the Internet;
  • Amalgamating Information from multiple sources – e.g. when building a profile of a prospective employee from the resume and automatic web harvesting (Know Your Employee – KYE) or when enriching customer information with data from third party databases and the Web (Know Your Customer – KYC).
Integrating web data, social media data, and internal data
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High Accuracy Information Extraction

Precision in information extraction sets Sintelix Information Management apart. High accuracy in extracting key information elements from various data sources ensures reliability and relevance of the insights gained. This precision is especially critical when dealing with large volumes of data, where the accuracy of extracted information directly impacts the quality of subsequent analysis.

Auto-Generated Reports

SIM’s capacity for auto-generating reports streamlines the often time-consuming process of data analysis and presentation. These reports can combine information from across SIM’s data holdings. They can be tailored to highlight key findings and insights, so saving significant time and effort. This feature enables quick dissemination of information, supporting timely reporting and decision-making.

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 Deploy at All Scales

Sintelix Information Management is designed to be deployed at all scales: laptop to enterprise server. You can upgrade to larger scales with ease by increasing processing power and storage capacity. SIM operates equally on Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. This flexibility ensures that organizations never outgrow it and SIM remains relevant and effective, regardless of the number of users and the amount of data.


1600+ File Types

1600+ File Types

Supports a vast range of file formats for comprehensive data processing.

 Integrate with Anything

Integrate with Anything

Offers extensive integration capabilities with various databases, APIs and software platforms.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Customisable to fit specific business needs and requirements.

Video & Audio

Video & Audio

Collect and process video and audio; optionally transcribe.



Includes various applications to enhance data management and analysis.

 95+ Major Features

95+ Major Features

Boasts a suite of 95+ significant features for advanced information management.


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Unlock the power of global intelligence with Sintelix Global Eye™. This cutting-edge solution revolutionises the way intelligence analysts monitor and analyse critical incidents and threats around the world.

Bringing together news and social media, Global Eye’s advanced algorithms and deep learning, uncovers hidden patterns and emerging trends and delivers actionable insights with exceptional precision.

Whether it’s identifying geopolitical risks, tracking security threats or understanding social dynamics, Global Eye™ equips analysts with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions and stay one step ahead.

Customer Feedback

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"We now have a cohesive set of intelligence tools delivering time savings and enhanced capabilities and we can now access and analyse data in ways that were not previously possible. Intelligence analysts from across UK Defence can now easily share data, produce intelligence and collaborate on projects."

– Representative of the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

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"We found working with Semantic Sciences to be interesting and rewarding. We pay tribute to the company’s ability to analyze a difficult business problem and come up with a viable and effective solution. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Semantic Sciences again on future projects."

Assistant Director, Digital Strategy and Solutions, National Archives of Australia

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"Delivered results were excellent. A field accuracy of 99.7% was achieved, which is significantly greater that IPA would expect from human transcription. The project was performed on time and on budget. IP Australia enjoyed a positive experience of working with Semantic Sciences Research and using Sintelix."

Patent Search Capability Coordinator, IP Australia

Bringing Your Information Alive!

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The Sintelix Information Management is not just a point solution; it’s a catalyst for transforming how your organization handles data. SIM complements your existing processes, enriching, understanding, investigating, questioning, and integrating information to unlock its full potential. From harvesting crucial data and profiling customers to enhancing and integrating your information, this solution ensures that every item of data is not just collected but brought to life, driving the insights and decisions that will propel your organization to success.

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