Live Demo: Supercharge i2 Analyst’s Notebook with Sintelix

Live Demonstration: Supercharge i2 Analyst’s Notebook with Sintelix

See how Sintelix easily integrates with i2 products, supercharging i2 Analyst’s Notebook with the ability to analyze unstructured data with ease.

This demonstration covers:

  • Seamless integration of Sintelix with i2 Analyst’s Notebook
  • Unstructured Vs structured data analysis
  • Managing the visual analysis process
    • Adding items from a Network to the ANB Chart
    • Merging items (Finding matching entities to check for duplicates)
  • Expanding Sintelix items
  • Referring to source documents

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Sintelix Brochure (US Version)

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Download Sintelix Brochure (US Version)