Advanced Search Demonstration Video

See the out of the box power of Sintelix search, enabling quick and easy finding of data with a range of advanced search features.

Advanced Search Features

 Sintelix offers a range of advanced search features including:

  • Raw text search
  • Document tag search
  • Metadata search
  • Find similar documents
  • Stacked queries
  • Wildcards
  • Boolean logic
  • Fuzzy searching
  • Proximity searching
  • Predefined watch list search

Advanced search capabilities is just one of the many features in the full Sintelix text intelligence solution.  See the links below to learn more and discover Sintelix today.

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Sintelix is a world-leading supplier of text intelligence solutions and analytical software for unstructured data.

Discover the power of Sintelix in transforming complex data into real-time, actionable intelligence.

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Sintelix Brochure (US Version)

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Download Sintelix Brochure (US Version)