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Stats Perform Sintelix Case Study

The Client

Stats Perform is a market-leading sports technology company whose joint history spans back over 40 years and uses its artificial intelligence-powered engine to provide data, sports research, news and video to sports media, broadcasters, technology companies, global brands, sportsbooks, teams and leagues.


The Data Challenge

Stats Perform had implemented an intelligence management system using IBM i2 iBase and Analyst’s Notebook but were faced with the challenge of how to input large silos of historical unstructured intelligence reports.

…Whilst we could have simply uploaded these documents into our database for basic searching, as a former Intelligence Analyst I could see the huge benefits of creating the relevant entities and links in the database from these documents, enabling our team to easily identify formerly hidden patterns and connections within the intelligence…Nick Iliffe, Integrity Intelligence Manager at Stats Perform.

In order to solve this and the challenge of extending their open-source intelligence gathering capabilities, Stats Perform turned to Sintelix, whose consultants were able to put together a proof of concept to address these needs.


Project Requirements

  • Capture/extract entities and associations from Intelligence and other reports.

  • Open-Source Intelligence collection capabilities

  • Extract entities across multiple languages

  • Integration with IBM i2 iBase and Analyst’s Notebook


The Solution

i2 Integration

Following the successful proof of concept, Sintelix’s consultants quickly got to grips with the nature of Stats Perform’s unstructured data set and were able to build bespoke import specifications to enable direct integration with Stats Perform’s IBM i2 intelligence platform.


Sintelix Harvester

The Sintelix team also deployed and integrated Sintelix’s Harvester tool providing the Stats Perform Integrity team with advanced open-source intelligence collection capabilities.

Harvester only identifies relevant data, ignoring navigation, sidebars, footers, advertising and any other unwanted text and passes it to Sintelix to organise, create associations and build networks.

Stats Perform were extremely impressed by the power and speed of Harvester’s open-source intelligence collection. The ability to restrict searches to specific geographic regions and to narrow down collection on entities to keywords or terms were also useful features.


Image 1: Sintelix Harvester collection process


The Solution Overview

Image 2: Stats Reveal Solution Overview


The Outcome

The deployment and integration of Sintelix has enabled Stats Perform Integrity’s staff to massively reduce the amount of time spent on data entry and instead spend more time on analysis and deriving value from their intelligence.

Nick Iliffe comments:

Anyone who has worked in an Intelligence Unit will be aware of how time-consuming and resource-intensive manually entering data into your intelligence database can be, but it’s been a necessary evil in order to produce detailed analysis. Sintelix has automated much of that process for us freeing up our staff to concentrate on actual analysis and identifying the ‘why’ and ‘how’ as opposed to solely focusing on the ‘what’.

When we reviewed the new process, we estimated that Sintelix is resulting in a 90% time saving compared to reviewing and manually entering our unstructured intelligence into our database. That represents a huge time and resource saving that, as a manager, I can deploy to other areas.

The deployment of Sintelix alongside our existing IBM i2 Intelligence Platform has enabled us to be a truly intelligence-led organisation helping us, and our clients, to mitigate against integrity-related risks. As the sports integrity landscape continues to develop and evolve, Stats Perform is leading the way in identifying innovative ways to detect, investigate, monitor and respond to threats.


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