Sintelix Harvester

Harvester is a highly customisable, out of the box solution for extracting data from multiple web sources such news, wikis, forums, blogs and social media.

Harvester only identifies relevant data, ignoring navigation, side bars, footers, advertising and any other unwanted text and passes it to Sintelix to organise, create associations and build a network.

Sintelix can identify people, organisations, geo-tagged locations and 24 other data types, delivering meaningful, searchable content.

You can harvest a single page at a time or many in a batch. The system extracts text and also hyperlinks. You can harvest recursively.

Sintelix recognises entities, relationships and properties from the extracted data.

Sintelix creates entity networks and allows you to visualise them via entity tables, link charts and timelines.

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Sintelix Brochure (US Version)

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Download Sintelix Brochure (US Version)