Sintelix IBM i2 Unstructured Data Demonstration

See the power that Sintelix brings to IBM i2, allowing you to utilize unstructured data in a new way. Automate manual collation and ingestion of unstructured data from a vast range of sources. 

About IBM i2

The IBM i2 suite of software provides an enterprise intelligence analysis environment that facilitates information sharing and intelligence production.  Sintelix offers integrations with:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
  • IBM i2 Analyze
  • IBM i2 Information Store
  • IBM i2 iBase

And export-import based integrations with:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook (via an ANX file)
  • IBM i2 iBase (via a zip archive export of a Sintelix network in iBase-readable form)


Additional Integrations

Sintelix also offers:

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About Sintelix

Sintelix is a world-leading supplier of text intelligence solutions and analytical software for unstructured data.

Organizations use Sintelix to transform data complexity into real-time, actionable intelligence.

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Download Sintelix Brochure (US Version)