Enhance Analyst’s Notebook with Unstructured Data

Discover how Sintelix can bring powerul unstructured data processing capabilities to your i2 Analyst’s Notebook solution.

Automatically Analyse Any File and Add Data to i2 Analyst’s Notebook

Sintelix brings unparalleled unstructured data processing capabilities to your existing Analyst’s Notebook workflow.

Analyse 1500+ File Types

Sintelix can rapidly process almost any file type and extract key information.

See the Full Picture

Quickly build the full picture by efficiently bringing all available data in to you analysis.

Easily Refer Back to Source Files

Validate links from inside i2 ANB by simply clicking a node to bring up source documents.

Search Across All Files

Easily search through all your files to find key facts such as person names, places or things.

Extract Key Entities & Relationships

New entities and relationships are created within i2 ANB along with their properties.

Visualise Extracted Data in i2 ANB

Create fully structured networks in i2 Analyst’s Notebook from the extracted data.

Seamless Integration with i2 ANB

Easy integration into your existing tool set provides immediate value.

Drag & Drop Operation

Simply drop all your files into the Sintelix plugin from within i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Familiar Interface & Workflow

Use of the same interface and workflow leads to reduced need for training and improved ROI.

Automatically Analyse Enormous Volumes of Data In Minutes

Simply drag-and-drop emails into the Sintelix plugin within i2 Analyst’s Notebook to commence data processing.

The emails will be seamlessly ingested and analysed into a fully structured network of entities and relationships.

Extracted entities can then be added to an Analyst’s Notebook network chart for further analysis.

Enhance i2 Analyst’s Notebook with Unstructured Data

Sintelix for i2 can be easily integrated into i2 Analyst’s Notebook in the form of a simple plugin install.

Once installed, the unstructured data analysis capabilities of Sintelix can be accessed seamlessly from within the Analyst’s Notebook interface.

Use Sintelix to process your unstructured data such as emails and extract key entities to analyse inside i2 Analyst’s Notebook.    


Unlock Powerful New Features

By automatically analysing thousands of emails, Sintelix will exponentially improve the efficiency of your Analyst’s Notebook workflow.

Once emails are ingested, the original source file is preserved. They are also indexed for quick searches and can be easily referred back to for later reference.

Combining the power of Sintelix and i2 Analyst’s Notebook makes it possible to easily visualise the flow of emails and identify unusual patterns quickly for further analysis. 

Sintelix Is A Leader In Unstructured Data Analysis

Sintelix is the class-leading solution for end-to-end intelligence analysis. It is used widely by governments, agencies and intelligence professionals around the globe.

Since it’s development, Sintelix has helped solve a spectrum of challenges ranging from tracking international drug cartels, OSINT monitoring and supporting military intelligence operations.

"After extensive consideration of multiple options, it was clear that Sintelix, complemented by i2 Analyst’s Notebook and iBase, would deliver the complete intelligence solution we needed."

Representative of the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom

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