SANS OSINT Summit 2022

SANS OSINT Summit 2022

SANS OSINT Summit 2022 is a virtual event  happening on April 7th.

It is open to the community, so don’t miss out. You can register now for FREE!

Connect the dots with OSINT

The Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Summit will bring together OSINT practitioners, investigators, and enthusiasts alike to share their OSINT techniques and tools.

As an attendee, you will learn current, real-world methods from others in the OSINT community who collect information across the Internet, analyze the results, and utilize key data to reach their objectives.

The OSINT Summit will explore the following topics:

  • Capturing, recording, and harvesting open source information
  • Exploring the varied applications of OSINT in industry/the community
  • Accessing and collecting data from social media
  • Using tools and automated processes to accelerate OSINT collection or filtering of data
  • Ethical issues concerning OSINT collection and analysis
  • OSINT case studies of investigations you performed (sanitized, of course)
  • OSINT and its relationship with other forms of research, investigations and intelligence work


A One-of-a-Kind Virtual Networking Experience

In addition to the whole day of focused Summit content, this Live Online event offers exclusive access to connect with others in the OSINT community, leading experts and investigators, and some of the SANS instructors and authors you have taken courses from.

In addition to in-depth presentations and panels, you will also be invited to join the conference chat workspace which is a place to engage with attendees and speakers, to ask your questions, and to share your knowledge.



April 7, 2022

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Nico Dekens, Certified Instructor

Lessons Learned from Ten Years of OSINT Automation

Steve Micallef, Author, SpiderFoot

OSINT & AI: The Good, The Bad, and The Fake

Venessa Ninovic, Threat Intelligence Researcher

Protecting High-Value Individuals: An OSINT Workflow

Christina Lekati, Social Engineering Consultant & OSINT Analyst, Cyber Risk GmbH

How to Investigate Phishing Campaigns

Maciej Makowski, Author,

Ad Analytics & Marketing SEO Tools as a Resource for OSINT Investigations

Sarah Womer, Senior Analyst, Plessas Experts Network

Finding Fraudsters Who Hide Behind Cloudflare

Steven Harris, SANS Instructor Candidate

OSINT Around the Globe: An In-Depth Overview of Resources, Tactics, and Tools for Gathering Intelligence Outside the United States

Jessica Smith, Special Investigations Lead, National Child Protection Task Force

Glass Bottom OSINT

Haley Copeland, Intelligence Team Lead, DarkTower
BOsintBlanc |, Lead Intelligence Analyst, DarkTower

Beyond Sock Puppets: Practical Strategies for OPSEC in OSINT Investigations

Heather Honey, President, Haystack Group

Afternoon Welcome

Nico Dekens, Certified Instructor
Matt Edmondson, Certified Instructor

Keynote | Dark Web: The Other Side

Chris Poulter, Founder & CEO, OSINT Combine

Blockchain Investigations 101: An Intro to Ethereum

Jeff Lomas, Community Instructor

What Value Does OSINT Bring to the Web 3.0 Space?

Michael James, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analysis, QOMPLX Inc.

Once Upon a Crime: A Novel Approach to OSINT Through Storytelling

Rae Baker, Senior Open Source Intelligence Analyst, Consulting
Tracy Maleeff, Security Researcher, Krebs Stamos Group LLC

Open House: Real Property OSINT and Researching Public Records

Alethe Denis, Senior Consultant, Critical Insight

I Know You: Contact Exploitation in SOCMINT Investigations

Christine Talley, Crime & Intelligence Analyst, Riverside County Sheriff


Matt Edmondson, Certified Instructor

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