FOSINT-SI 2021 – International Symposium on Foundations of Open Source Intelligence and Security Informatics


FOSINT-SI 2021 in conjunction with ASONAM 2021

The International Symposium on Foundation of Open Source Intelligence and Security Informatic (FOSINT-SI) will be held in conjunction with the 2021 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM). This year’s event will be held virtually on Zoom, 8-11 November, 2021.



Open source intelligence for cyber situational awareness related to concepts, models and methods for cyber threat intelligence in tactical, operational and strategic levels are central to the scope of this event.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly complex and routine threats emerging from an evolving threat landscape. Security breaches frequently compromise sensitive information, exposing personal identities, intellectual property or financial assets. Things will get a lot worse when advanced attacks target public infrastructure on which we all depend.

Criminal networks and terrorist groups often operate globally, hiding their illicit activities by taking advantage of information and communications technology. Digital communication enables global communities that are hard to track. Open source intelligence can be a powerful tool for combating crime by linking global and local crime patterns to help understand how criminal activities are connected across crime spaces and emerging trends such as the inevitable shift of conventional organized crime to the cyber arena.

Cyber threat information can be drawn from countless sources from the dark and surface web such as hacker forums, darknet markets, internet relay chats, and social media. This situation calls for radical advances in using cutting-edge data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics combined with social network analysis and natural language processing to detect, disrupt and neutralize cyber and physical threats.

FOSINT-SI 2021 will focus on solutions and systems for all aspects of open source intelligence and security informatics. Topics of interest include cyber threat intelligence, cybercrime analysis, web intelligence and security, big crime data mining algorithms and open source situational awareness.


The international conference series on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM 2021) provides an interdisciplinary venue that brings together researchers and practitioners from a broad variety of fields to promote collaborations and exchange of ideas and practices. ASONAM 2021 is intended to address important aspects with a specific focus on emerging trends and industry needs.

For more than a century, social networks have been studied in a variety of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economics. The Internet, the social Web, and other large-scale, socio-technological infrastructures have triggered a growing interest and significant methodological advancements in social network analysis and mining. Method development in graph theory, statistics, data mining and machine learning, and statistical mechanics is inspired by new research problems and, in turn, opens up further possibilities for application. These spiraling trends have led to a rising prominence of social network analysis and mining methods and tools in academia, politics, security, and business.

The conference will focus on empirical, experimental, methodological, and theoretical research reporting original and unpublished results on social network analysis and mining.

Keynote Speakers

Jiawei Han – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Daniel A. Keim – Universität Konstanz, Germany

Amit Sheth – Universty of South Carolina, USA



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