DSI Intelligence Exploitation Summit 2022

DSI Intelligence Exploitation 2022

DSI presents the 6th Intelligence Exploitation Summit

The 2022 Intelligence Exploitation Summit will be held on May 25-26, 2022, in National Harbor, MD.

The Summit will bring together members of the Intelligence Community, Military, US Government, and Industry to focus on integrating intelligence sources to enhance the analysis and exploitation of data to support critical DoD and IC operations.

The 2022 Summit will address the IC’s continuing commitment to advancing its IC ITE initiative. Attendees will gain unique insight into what is needed to further develop and implement this reference framework, as well as the challenges that must be overcome to implement it.

Intelligence leaders will also highlight the shift to the cloud as an improved method of data sharing and enhanced way of securing sensitive information. Additionally, a panel of experts will discuss the role of emerging technology in enhancing the push toward OSINT.

Summit Speakers

Doug Cossa
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Juliane Gallina
Associate Deputy Director for Innovation
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Dr. Cynthia Mendoza, SES
Deputy CIO for Special Access Program Information Technology
Annette L. Redmond
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence Policy and Coordination
Department of State
Winston Beauchamp, SES
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Department of the Air Force
Pamela Byron
Acting Director of Intelligence
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Paul Puckett, SES
Director of Enterprise Cloud Management Office
U.S. Army

Summit Topics

  • ODNI Strategic Goal: Deploying a New IC ITE Initiative in Support of a Mission-Driven Enterprise That is More Secure, Interoperable, & Adaptive to Emerging Technologies
  • Modernizing the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System Through DIA-Industry Collaboration
  • Defining CIA Initiatives to Accelerate Digital Data Priorities
  • Achieving Digital Transformation Goals at DoD in Support of the Warfighter
  • Streamlining Intelligence Sharing and Processing Capabilities at the NRO and Across the IC
  • Harnessing Emerging Technologies to help Exploit & Enhance the Push Toward OSINT
  • Leveraging a Central Intelligence Database to Increase US Coast Guard Capabilities


The Summit will be held in National Harbor, MD at the Sunset Room.

Sunset Room at National Harbor Marina

137 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD 20745



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