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See how quick and easy it is to gather intelligence and understand the battlefield picture with Sintelix.

See the power that Sintelix brings to IBM i2, allowing you to utilize unstructured data in a new way.

See how Sintelix can assist with a PMESII/ASCOPE analysis methodology. This video demonstrates three separate PMESII/ASCOPE approaches.

See how Sintelix answers the key analysis questions of what, where and when. Quickly see when and where key events occurred with visual analysis tools, all inside Sintelix.

See the out of the box power of Sintelix search, enabling quick and easy finding of data with a range of advanced search features.

See how Sintelix collects OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) data from the web and presents it for quick and easy analysis. Collect data from hundreds of websites within minutes including wiki pages, social media sites, dark web sites and more.

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