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Financial Crime – what’s the big deal? It would be easy to view financial crime as victimless. Fraud, money laundering, insider dealing bribery, corruption, and cybercrime affect only big business and don’t cause anyone physical harm. However, this view is a misconception. The broad range of activity covered by the phrase ‘financial crime’ is frequently […]

When we think of law enforcement we think of front-line police officers, who are heroes in themselves. Look behind the scenes though and you’ll find someone assisting in finding, apprehending, prosecuting and convicting offenders. That person is a Police Intelligence Analyst.

Live demonstration: See how Sintelix easily integrates with IBM i2 products, supercharging IBM i2 with the ability to analyse unstructured data with ease.

See why Sintelix was selected as a top 10 homeland security solution provider in this Government CIO Outlook article.

National Archives of Australia staff were manually appraising and disposing of records, a very time consuming, expensive and inconsistent process. See how Sintelix delivered a robust system for automatically recommending disposal actions using document content and metadata.

Sintelix is a powerful text intelligence tool. See how it can be configured to meet your specific needs. Configuration does not require writing any code and can use machine learning if required as demonstrated in this video.

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