Sintelix IBM i2 Unstructured Data Demonstration

IBM i2 Integration

Updated 6/9/2021

See the power that Sintelix brings to IBM i2, allowing you to utilize unstructured data in a new way. Automate manual collation and ingestion of unstructured data from a vast range of sources. Integrate Sintelix with IBM i2 to analyze both structured and unstructured data with power and ease.


About IBM i2

The IBM i2 suite of software provides an enterprise intelligence analysis environment that facilitates information sharing and intelligence production.  Sintelix offers integrations with:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
  • IBM i2 Analyze
  • IBM i2 Information Store
  • IBM i2 iBase

And export-import based integrations with:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook (via an ANX file)
  • IBM i2 iBase (via a zip archive export of a Sintelix network in iBase-readable form)


Additional Integrations

Sintelix also offers:


Discover Sintelix. The text intelligence solution.


Text analytics video

text analytics demonstration


Text analytics brochure

text analytics brochure

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