Multidimensional Analysis Video

Data analysis and network creation

Updated 6/9/2021

See how Sintelix answers the key analysis questions of what, where and when. In this example, Sintelix is used to analyse a range of data including OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) data, news articles and military reports, to extract key events.  Quickly see when and where key events occurred with visual analysis tools, all inside Sintelix.

Sintelix offers a range of multidimensional analysis and visualization tools, making it quick and easy to gain actionable insights from vast amounts of unstructured and structured data. Some of the analysis tools provided in Sintelix include:

  • Link charts
  • Timelines
  • Editable table view
  • Network analysis
  • Source analysis


Discover Sintelix. The text intelligence solution.

Multidimensional analysis is just one part of the entire Sintelix text intelligence solution.  Discover the full benefits of Sintelix:

Text analytics video

text analytics demonstration


Text analytics brochure

text analytics brochure

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