Big Data for Intelligence Symposium

Big Data for Intelligence

Big Data for Intelligence 2021 Symposium: Modernizing Big Data Innovation to Deliver Actionable Intelligence

The 9th Annual Big Data for Intelligence Symposium will bring together senior level members from the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, military, academia, and industry to discuss evolving strategies, collaboration efforts, and modernization initiatives to harness big data for usable intelligence. This year’s Symposium aims to enable leaders, analysts, and users to analyze and process big data to produce actionable intelligence in order to deliver the data advantage at the tactical edge, to enable data-driven decision making at all echelons, and to improve data management.

Data is the lifeblood of the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense. As data grows to unfathomable amounts in our increasingly digitized world, the need to analyze, manage, secure, understand, connect, and process that information grows. To address this need, senior data leaders from across the IC will discuss their efforts to implement the IC Data Strategy to operationalize a data-centric community by making data more discoverable, more accessible, and more utile at speed. In addition, senior data leaders from across the DoD and military will provide updates on their implementation of the new DoD Data Strategy that aims to leverage data to win on the battlefield and strengthen JADC2, joint all-domain command and control.

Target Audience

Members of the Intelligence Community, U.S Armed Forces, Government Agencies, Academia, and U.S. Technology Solution Providers

Specific topics to be discussed

  • Accelerating Technology Innovation to Leverage the Power of Big Data
  • Operationalizing a Data-Centric Intelligence Community
  • Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset for Operational Advantage Across the Department
  • Collecting and Utilizing Data as the “Ammo of the Future” for the Future Fight
  • Accelerating the Air and Space Force’s Abilities to Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Revolutionizing the Navy’s Use of and Policies for Big Data to Optimize Operations
  • Enabling the DODIN to Support the Full Spectrum of Military Operations in Multi-Domain Operations

Agenda & Speakers

Day 1 – Tue 9 Nov 2021 

“Facilitating the Integration of Big Data for Enhanced ICE Operations & Intelligence”
Dr. Kenneth Clark, SES
Chief Data Officer & Assistant Director
Office of Information Governance & Privacy

“Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset for Operational Advantage Across the DoD”
John Turner
Special Assistant to the Chief Data Officer
Department of Defense

“Making Data Available, Accurate, and Actionable to the Air and Space Force DecisionMakers”
Col Lance Clark
Director, Expeditionary Support & Innovation Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC)

“Delivering Foundational Military Intelligence to the Point of Need”
Brian Bataille
Chief Data Officer
Defense Intelligence Agency

“Modernizing the Coast Guard’s Intelligence with Big Data Analytics”
Eric S. Downes
Deputy Chief Information Officer for Intelligence/ Intelligence Chief Data Officer
U.S. Coast Guard

“Industry Session – CGI Federal
The Time is Now: Continuous Analysis “
Jason PorterVice President, Emerging Technology Practice
CGI Federal

“Revolutionizing the Navy’s Use of and Policies for Big Data to Optimize Operations”
Thomas Sasala, SES – Chief Data Officer, US Navy

“Mission Challenges as a Path to Intelligence Transformation”
Dr. Eliahu Niewood
VP of Intelligence and Cross-Cutting Capabilities

Day 2 – Wed 10 Nov 2021

“Accelerating the Air and Space Force’s Abilities to Make Data-Driven Decisions”
Eileen M. Vidrine, SES – Chief Data Officer, US Air Force

“Protecting the Nation’s Infrastructure with Analytics and Analysis”
Preston Werntz – Chief Data Officer,
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

“Operationalizing a Data-Centric Intelligence Community”
Nancy Morgan
IC Chief Data Officer
Assistant DNI for Domestic Engagement, Information Sharing, and Data (ADNI/DEISD)
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Panel: Data Development: Educating, Training, and Fielding a Data-Literate Workforce to Deliver Actionable Intelligence
Dr. John Piorkowski
Program Chair Artificial Intelligence, Program Co-Chair Data Science
Johns Hopkins University/ Applied Physics Lab

Dr. Diana Gehlhaus
Research Fellow, Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown University
Adjunct Policy Researcher,
RAND Corporation

Dr. Carol Woody
Principal Researcher, Cyber Security Foundations Directorate, CERT Division
Software Engineering Institute,
Carnegie Mellon University

LTC Kristin Saling, USA
Acting Director of People Analytics, ASA M&RA
Chief Analytics Officer,
Army Talent Management Task Force

“Bolstering Homeland Security by Promoting Data-Driven Decision-Making”
Mike Horton
Chief Data Officer
Department of Homeland Security

“Advising the DoD and IC to Implement Data Science & Data Analytics”
Dr. Holly Russo
Founder and President, Cybele Data Advisory
Adjunct Faculty, Computational and Data Sciences Dept.,
George Mason University

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