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The Sintelix team are delighted to bring you the latest full release – Sintelix 7.0. Sintelix 7.0 is available to existing clients who have maintained a current support and maintenance agreement as well as to future customers. This release brings a number range of new features and enhancements that increases functionality and improves the Sintelix […]

Even in our increasingly digital age handwritten information still exists and could be used as part of a criminal investigation. Handwritten information could be useful in cases of fraud, embezzlement, and counterfeiting but it could feature in any criminal investigation from murder, terrorism or assaults to abduction, drugs cases, and missing persons.

Financial Crime – what’s the big deal? It would be easy to view financial crime as victimless. Fraud, money laundering, insider dealing bribery, corruption, and cybercrime affect only big business and don’t cause anyone physical harm. However, this view is a misconception. The broad range of activity covered by the phrase ‘financial crime’ is frequently […]