Annual Information 2 Intelligence Global Summit 2021

Annual Information 2 Intelligence Global Summit 2021

 The Annual Information 2 Intelligence Conference 2021 will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tampa Bay, Florida over the 18th to 20th of October 2021.

The convenors of the Summit, Blue Light LLS, understand that today’s i2 ecosystem is an array of end-users, analysts, developers, engineers, products, tools, and technologies that underpin the success of i2. In the past, conferences have been “stove-piped” into verticals such as law enforcement, military, cyber, or whatever, and while those address some of the larger populations of i2 clients, they don’t offer something for all the other participants in the i2 ecosystem.

The Information 2 Intelligence 2021 summit is designed to offer something for everyone that is involved with i2, from IBM Security all the way down to the end-user, from law enforcement to cyber to fraud, from developer to engineer to consultant. Blue Light are working with everyone in the i2 portfolio to identify everything that is new for 2021 for i2, use-cases and applications, products and tools, business partners whatever there is that will provide value for the attendee.

At Information 2 Intelligence 2021, attendees can take advantage of training on the latest versions of IBM i2 software, discover IBM i2 solution tools and tricks, and network with IBM i2 partners, vendors, and users from around the world.

As you can see, there is something for everyone that uses and will use this amazing product called i2 and Blue Light hope to see you in Tampa!

Key Sessions & Speakers

Day 1 – Tue October 19th

“Keynote Speaker”
Lt Gen, Francis M. Beaudette – Lieutenant General, United States Army (Retired)

Investigative Data – It’s Not Brain Surgery”
Richard Spradley – Whooster

Blue Fusion Integration into Police Operations”
Ryan Davidson – Intelligence Coordinator, North Little Rock PD

Shortcuts and Aesthetics”
Hailey Carr – CHO SIU Operational Analyst, GEICO

Investigations initiated from Public Safety Response Center”
Jeff Mausolf – Solutions Architect at IBM

Flipping the Tables: Using Breach Data to Unmask Threat Actors and their Associations”
CW Walker – Manager, Solutions Architects, SpyCloud

Day 2 – Wed October 20th

Flow of Disinformation Through the Dark Web to Open Web Forums”
Wade Douthit – Senior Analyst, Bluestone Analytics

“Keeping The Dots Connected – Manage your Network”
Luke Morgan – Head of Engineering, IBM

“Open Source and Social Medial Investigations in IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook”
Philip Mukiti – CEO, i3 Technologies


Other Speakers & Trainers

Bruce Parkman – CEO, Blue Light LLC

Bryan Pardoe – Program Manager, Blue-light INC

Dallas Knight – Vice President of Client Success, Blue Light LLC

Edwin Boggess – Chief Operating Officer, Blue Light LLC

John Ciccone – Senior Instructor, Blue Light LLC

Maria Jose Leite – Operational Manager, MKCVI LDA

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